Who we are

John Sabatino

johnJohn has a background in science with a masters degree in Marketing. Hence John’s passion is in driving organisation performance through an analytical and scientific approach. John believes that great organisations are run by great internal people and the more information and empowerment these people have the better the likelihood to improve the organisations outcomes.

In previous roles John has been a master black belt in lean concepts, so he understands the concepts of continual improvement. However as CEO of TMI which is an organisation that empowers staff to create a customer culture, John understands that in order to create great outcomes, there needs to be a foundation of accurate and meaningful data that can be quickly turned to effective strategies. This is what drove John to create a specialised customer research company Epicentrum.

Ria dela Cruz

riaWith over a decade of experience in service industries in a range of management and line roles, Ria brings a wealth of practical, relevant, and up-to-date skills to her clients.

This ranges from call centres in the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, and extensively here in Australia. Ria worked in industries such as five-star hotel chains, utilities, telecommunications, and financial services. Her experience is primarily Customer Service and Customer Experience focussed, with particular strength in developing and managing Quality Assurance solutions for clients including TXU and Telstra.

In doing so, Ria had to develop a strong understanding of her client’s brand vision and ensure these were adopted through establishing close working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Since joining TMI early in 2005, Ria has drawn on her complaints management experience to implement the TMI-SOCAP Complaints Culture Survey and work with a range of clients in this field in both a research and consulting perspective.

Lyndall Dugdale

lyndallLyndall has extensive experience over two decades in both the corporate world and private consulting, facilitating and training in Australia, United Kingdom and South Africa. She has managed teams; developed major change initiatives, coached senior executives and trained from the shop floor to the top floor.

Her most recent projects include:

  • Jointly developing and implementing a major customer focus initiative at a statutory authority in Victoria
  • Facilitating senior level leadership development workshops in Australia supporting a global TMI project
  • Facilitating strategic planning within the Australian arm of a multinational marketing department
  • Facilitating stakeholder forums within the Victorian education industry

Past clients have included Coca Cola, Woolworths, Deloittes, First National Bank, BP South African Airways, local government and various state government departments

Her specialities include; teambuilding, problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, change management, customer focus, complaints handling, communication skills, strategic planning and organisational change

Lyndall is an honours graduate in Human Resource Development, Rand Afrikaans University (South Africa), a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, WITS Business school, S.A. plus a partially completed Master in Future Studies (thesis; Emotional Intelligence) from Stellenbosch University S.A.

Ralph Simpfendorfer

Ralph was the owner and Managing Director of TMI Australia until late 2009. Ralph started with TMI in 1983 before taking ownership of the company in 1991. Prior to this, Ralph held a number of senior management positions in Customer Service, Marketing and Finance both here in Australia and internationally.

During his time at TMI, Ralph has become a very influential member of the global network helping to initiate the move to effective electronic time management systems including co-authoring “Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook”.

Ralph was also largely responsible for the global development of TMI’s Complaints Culture Survey and consulting practice which has now been running for over 12 years and has added substantially to the organisation’s expertise in this area.

Ralph has led the team working with Crown Casino over the last eight years and continues leading large projects in his role supporting the new owners of TMI in Australia.

More recently Ralph has completed a workshop series throughout Asia introducing the concept of Branded Customer Service to that market. This reflects the many projects Ralph has led in the BCS field.

Outside of TMI, Ralph is actively engaged with a number of business associations including being a key member of SOCAP (The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals), where he has been a board member for eight years and currently heads their Thought Leadership Committee.

Ralph is a Commerce graduate from Melbourne University.

Clare Savage

Clare has a strong analytical background with a background in the medical technology indystry. She has a deep understand of data and how it impacts upon outcomes. Clare then moved from diagnostic into the pharmaceuticals industry where for over 22 years she has had roles in almost all areas of sales and product training in a variety of different roles through many different organisations. These include Abbott, Sanofi, Bristol Myer Squibb & Novo Nordisk.

Amongst her many roles Clare has worked as:

  • Scientific advisor in Cardiovascular and metabolic
  • Medical Science Liaison in Cardiovascular and Metabolic sector
  • Clinical Research Coordinator in the Anaesthesia sector
  • Clinical specialist and trainer in Cardiac rhythm management

Clare’s background provides valuable insights into the motivation behind customer actions and how to interpret data to gain maximum outcome.