What we do

The geologist Le Conte once defined the word EpiCentrum as “the focus, the core and the first emergence”. In business we believe that this describes your customer. Customers are or should be at the core and focus of everything an organisation does.  The more you understand your customers, the better equipped you are to provide a great customer experience which in turn leads to greater profits. It all begins with understanding the customer through effective data such as that provided through an in depth NPS® survey.

Our origins are in the areas of Customer Experience and Strategy Development, which is the foundation of why we do what we do. We are more than a provider of data; we provide information as to the voice of your customer. Not only what they think, but how you make them feel. At EpiCentrum we answer the question “What information about your customers do you need to know so as you can create a strategy to close these gaps in order to achieve your desired objective”.

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