Your customer’s won’t love you unless your staff love you first

Understanding the Internal Culture (Internal NPS®)

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) can provide an understanding of the voice of the external customer, however in order to create an internal customer culture it is vital that the internal voice of the staff is also understood. By conducting an internal NPS it is possible to gain a snapshot that provides insights into the feelings and attitudes internally that will provide an ongoing metric allowing you to continue to develop and grow that internal culture.

In order to provide a great customer experience there needs to be an excellent internal experience. There may be issue within your organisation that could be the root cause as to why you are not achieving the organisation’s or department’s objectives.

Epicentrum can provide an in depth analysis of your internal climate. There are a variety of areas that may require deeper understanding. These include:

  • Likelihood to recommend working for the organisation
  • What staff like and value about the company and what they believe needs to improve.
  • Attitudes towards customers
  • Commitment to colleagues
  • Attitudes towards complaints
  • Attitudes towards management
  • Internal and external communication
  • Working together
  • L & D
  • Recognition
  • Sharing responsibility