Smart “Closed” Loops

The goal of the Smart Loop process is to get the entire organisation focussed on the customer.

  • Closed Loops are required in order to engage your customers and complete the process by involving your organisation to deliver upon the data. Creating a positive customer experience will require a company to:
    • Know what to keep doing …. Mobilising the Promoters (NPS® score of 9&10)
    • Know what to start do …. Energise the Passives (NPS®score of 7&8)
    • Know what to do less of or stop doing … Minimise or eliminate the Detractors (NPS® score of 6 or less)
  • This is achieved by understanding:
    • What is it we are trying to achieve
    • Get to the root cause of what is happening
    • Creating a positive relationship with your customers
    • Build a Customer Experience program that is embedded in the culture


Smart Loops

Smart Loops integrate the broader NPS® data. It is important that organisations gather data from a variety of sources. These include formal and informal sources such as social media.

  • Link feedback from Social media to individual touch points in the Customer journey Map
  • Understand the mood and climate of different demographics within your customer base
  • Link NPS® scores across all facets of the data provided
  • Segment by demographic and understand the service drivers in each segment by integrating informal (social media) and formal data (NPS®)
  • Implement the Smart Loop process